Meet the Makers

27 November 2019

Meet the Makers at our Craft & Culture Fair

Our fair on Saturday showcases local makers and designers who capture the vibrancy of our diverse city. Find out more about some of our amazing exhibitors...

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Meet one of the makers for our Craft & Culture Fair.... Emma Nicole Straw!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your products > Originally from Nottingham, I have recently moved back to the city and want to continue with my tapestry weaving practice. Having created Woven Watercolours, Textural Tapestries and Marbled Tapestries during my studies, I have applied my knowledge to create smaller pieces and bookmarks for the Craft and Culture fair.

Why did you start making textiles? > I was introduced to tapestry weaving whilst studying Contemporary Art at Bath School of Art and Design, after having a go at the basics, I was completely hooked. I then furthered my study at West Dean College of Arts and Conservative under the guidance of Master Weavers. I have now completed an MA within the specialism and exhibited my work in Bath, London, Nottingham and even Melbourne, Australia.

What is your favourite part of the process? > Tapestry weaving is a super meditative craft, the slow process of weaving and almost intuitive use of colour within my work, from the small bookmarks to huge Woven Watercolours, allows me to enjoy my time sat at the loom and create tapestries which I can be really proud of.

I applied to be part of the New Arts Exchange Craft and Culture fair as I believe it's a really great way to promote my work and meet like minded people in my home city.

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Meet another of the makers for our Craft & Culture Fair... Meg Garrod!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your products > I'm an illustrator and graphic design student specialising in artwork with themes of self love and feminism. I sell products that encourage people to love themselves, their bodies and who they are.

Why did you start making your art? > I started making my prints, badges and zines when I began to love myself. I went through years of being put down about my body as it wasn't a body type that was commonly represented in the media, I disliked my body and tried to change it until I found the self love movement. It inspired me to think about how all bodies should be accepted and how important it is to represent all body types, something I aim to do through my artwork.

What is your favourite part of the process? > I find drawing daily a really helpful tool to freely illustrate what's in my head while improving my skills. The best concepts often come when I'm not trying, just freely thinking and doing, allowing the ideas to flow out of my brain and create themselves on a page.

I wanted to be part of the Craft and Culture Fair to spread messages of self love and acceptance, I want everyone to feel loved and worthy when looking at my artwork, bringing a community together.

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Meet another of the makers for our Craft & Culture Fair... Eloho Etireri!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your products > My name is Eloho, i'm a final year student at the University of Nottingham. I make African-Print or Ankara bags and my brand is called Afroluxe.

Why did you start making your bags? > I started making hand-crafted African print bags as a hobby and a way to express my creativity. It wasn't until I got a lot of positive feedback from people and their interest in having a bag, did I think to make large amounts and display them. I am so happy I did because I love to share my love for African Print with others.

What is your favourite part of the process? > My favourite part is when I get to select different fabrics. I love how African fabrics are so varied in tones, colours and patterns. Being able to find a fabric that speaks to me is like finding a hidden gem.

I wanted to be part of the Craft and Culture Fair because I love sharing my African crafts and culture with everyone. I love having a platform to display my work and also learning from different types of people and their crafts. It inspires me!

We can't wait to see them and all the other makers on Saturday 30 November, 12pm-5pm.

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