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ExperiMentor is New Art Exchange's residency programme which provides bespoke support for artists of all disciplines, ranging from focused individual networking events, opportunities to share work and meet with peers, artists and art professionals, and to connect with wider audiences.

ExperiMentor is intended for emerging and establishing/mid-career artists. The programme is flexible and built in response to, and around the needs of individual artists which intends to provide the space, time and resources for research and development, allowing for artistic experimentation, leading to the production of new work and supporting new project initiatives.


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Amelia Seren Roberts

'[She/Her] Born in South Wales, Amelia Seren Roberts is an artist, writer and educator currently based in Nottingham.

Working primarily across textiles and installation, recent works establish links between the re-presentation of traditional Welsh folklore with the dissemination and diminution of traditional Welsh cultural narratives in contemporary Anglo/Western popular culture.

Amelia is co-founder of KÜHLE WAMPE collective, currently in residence at Nottingham Contemporary, and is Backlit Gallery's Art Writer in Residence and co-founder of nott\s\poke regional art review blog.

Instagram: @ameliaserenroberts


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Katharina Fitz

Sculptor Katharina Fitz investigates the following key themes in her current practice such as firstly questioning the hierarchy of objects within the artistic process in an age of mass production and copies. Secondly, playing with ideas surrounding exhausting form and space through mutation, repetition and variation and lastly exploring the relationship between the objects on display, the viewer and the space.

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Farida Makki

Architect, Urban Designer and Artist, Farida, uses her practice and heritage to examine, lament and sometimes celebrate ancient societal traditions. Farida is intrigued by ritual, taboo and acceptance. Farida uses drawing, painting, film, casting and narrative memories to showcase the strength of womanhood.

She is one of the founders and directors of The Carousel in Hockley a new DIY art and studio space established in February 2019.

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Chiara Dellerba

Chiara Dellerba is a visual artist and curator. She was born in Bari, where she graduated from the Politecnico in 2006. In 2009 she gained a Masters in Design and Visual Art at the University of Venice.

She is artist in research at Loughborough University as part of Politicized Practice Reseach Group and co-founder of F-L-A-T- 5 an interdisciplinary research art space based in Nottingham, which works on experimenting domestic narratives and conviviality as well as potential dynamics raised in public and private spaces.

She is the founder of Zona Planetaria, a research-based residency programme in rural South Italy, focussed on promoting the politic of slow down and contemplation to stimulate practical reflections, conversation, provocation, self-care, and unproductivity as a practice in which caring, resting, suspending, pausing can be re/claimed as political acts by and for everyone.

She has been recently selected for In-dialogue programme at Mansion of the Future Lincoln and the School of Civic Imagination at CCA in Glasgow.

Between 2007 and 2019, her works have been exhibited in museums and art galleries across different countries: Marilena Bonomo gallery (Bari), Macro, la Pelanda (Rome), Alessandra Bonomo Gallery(Rome), Valentina Bonomo Gallery(Rome), Sara Zanin gallery (Rome), Onetwentyeight gallery ( New York), Kiyomiyamagishi (Nagano, Japan), Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester), Mac (Birmingham), N_ Space (Nottingham), Surface Gallery (Nottingham), Radar Art Space (Loughborough University), New Art Exchange (Nottingham), 58th Venice Biennale (Venice).


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Billy Dosanjh

Billy is a visual artist and filmmaker and makes his work in the de-industrialised factory towns of the Black Country, particularly Smethwick, a harsh romanticised setting where thousands of manual labourers were invited in the 1960s. The intimate personal stories of early immigrant life and the journey of the communities to the present day are the basis for his practise.

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Kim Bormann

Contemporary dance explorer and teacher, Kim uses the 'language of dance' to explore news ways we can communicate with ourselves and others. Kim is interested in working with a variety of people, dancers and non-dancers, and regularly creates performance platforms, such as Layer Three (2017). Kim loves to collaborate with other art forms, to share her practice/creative ideas and to learn during the process itself.


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Effy Harle

Effy is an artist and arts organiser based between Nottingham and London whose work intertwine design and social practice, addressing questions concerning the gendered division of labour, feminist instituting and interdisciplinary working, exploring art's potential and role in society.

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/effy_harle/?hl=en


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Rosie Deegan

Conceptual artist who's work explores aspects of luxury, purpose, function and craftsmanship heritage. Rosie's practice examines the contradicting functionality of products , conflicts between craft & mass-production and the dichotomy of luxury & necessity.

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Jeannie Clark

The theme "Waterscapes" or "Sensory worlds" is the starting point for Jeannie's work. She is an artist/ printmaker who's currently focusing on investigating the experience of swimming and working with/in water. She makes sketchbook drawings to record her intuitive response to observed information. These drawings are then translated and transformed through the processes of printmaking and painting. Water is a key material in the process of printmaking and within the activity of swimming, whether alone or in collaboration with others.

Her ongoing concerns are the influence of touch in visual mark - making, line, movement, shape, space, sound, opaque and transparent colour and surface. She is interested in investigating how scale can change the quality of the mark in drawing, and colour through layering. As her work develops she wants to make larger scale drawings, possibly combined with organic material with the potential to conduct electricity, enabling her to incorporate sound.


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Elmz XIX is a multitalented Rap Artist, Songwriter, and Producer. He is noted for having a deep, captivating voice and profound lyrics often accompanying his own experimental production. He draws inspiration from old school Hip Hop, Grime and Reggae as heard on his BBC Introducing debut track "Passa Passa" and is carving out his own future sound.

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Millie Quick

Visual artist working with textural collage, photography and performance. Millie is especially interested in gender as a subject, and how it intersects with other aspects of identity. She is passionate about connecting queer and marginalised communities to local arts spaces. Currently producing work focused on celebrating gender euphoria as a centre of transgender identity.

Website: https://www.behance.net/milliequic9720


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Sarah Roach

Sarah is a photographer and a print-maker, who is intrigued by silence and the relationship that exists between sound and silence. Using the residue of the photographic mark she plays with darkness, light, material and surface to explore her fascination with the space and moments that exist somewhere between sound and silence.


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Rachel Ramchurn & Sharon Campbell

A Pocketful of Treasure presents Personal Museums...Rachel and Sharon focus on enhancing audience participation and engagement with digital interactive artwork. They are continuing this practice with 'Personal Museums' working with local community groups in Nottingham and Manchester to create individual 'museums' that reflect each participant's life journey, the aspects that hold great meaning and show true strength and character. Through exhibiting these works it is the artists intention to unite people through recognising themselves in others.


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Szilvia Ponyiczki

Szilvia's work brings together interrogations concerning identity, our personal and the collective unconscious and society's effect on the individual. Szilvia paints with acrylics incorporating collage elements; basing her works on the symbolism, messages and representation of dreams.

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Elizabeth Tomos

Elizabeth Tomos is a multidisciplinary artist working across the mediums of performance, installation and printmaking. Her practice explores the body as a means of image production and 'proprioception' (our sense of being in a body and orientated in space).

Somatic methodology and the philosophies and practices of embodiment give credence to the body's capacity to both learn and to create knowledge outside of and in critique of systems of power: the body is both tool, agent and object. Therefore, most of the work aims to make sense of, document or record perceptual and embodied experiences. For example, her recent hand-built screen-printing machine, is designed to record minute shifts in bodily pressure. The large scale of the work deliberately exacerbates, makes strenuous and draws attention to the movements of the printmaker.

This performance of a printmaking process is one of endurance, where over the day(s) the body becomes increasingly unable to perform the task of printing. The resulting print becomes a record of the tension in the body, the movements undertaken and the shifting pressure.


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Naoka Kono

Naoka is an illustrator that produces working drawings, painting, prints, and stop-motion animations. She explores the image which combines her deliberate observation of everyday life with her intuitive response to the materials. Website: kononaoka.com


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