ExperiMentor is a creative initiative designed and delivered by NAE that supports the professional development of artistic practitioners and provides a public platform for their experimentation. The programme is now supported by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

ExperiMentor is a safe and supportive initative designed to encourage the creative and career development of visual artists and other creatives. This flexible programme, built in response to, and around the needs of individual artists, intends to provide the space, time and resources for research and development, allowing for artistic experimentation and leading to the production of new work.

The programme recognises the void of critical thinking and support an artist may experience post University. ExperiMentor therefore intends to create a nurturing space for their continued artistic exploration and development. Using NAE's expertise, knowledge, industry networks and our public interface, this specially designed programme endeavours to enrich and accelerate an artist's development, supporting them in achieving excellence, and projecting them into the national/international arts arena.

ExperiMentor is intended for emerging and establishing artists, or those more established artists looking to divert or challenge their existing practice. The programme contains a range of professional development opportunities.



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Roy Pickering

Visual Artist, Nottinghamshire


Trevor Woolery

Animation artist, Nottingham
As a specialist in traditional drawn animation, illustration and digital media arts, Trevor uses his skills as a storyteller to transform the world around him into engaging art works that inform, interpret and entertain a wider audience. His past clients include National Government, Museums, Galleries, Musicians and Universities.


Lisa Jackson

Theatre practitioner, Nottingham
Lisa Jackson, AKA equity registered name mon0lisa, is an established multi-practicing creative renowned for her humorous and unforgettable self-composed one woman plays, and character creations.
Past artistic mentors include, Jean Binta Breeze, Beatrice Udeh – Black Regional Initiative in Theatre producer at Nottingham Playhouse, Debbie Green Tucker, and Jim Findley. Current artistic works and character creations include one woman plays 'The Wedding', 'Tale of Two Woman', 'Audience Wid Patty Dumplin an Friends Show', and national tour of 'Patty Dumplin' - a comedy character commissioned by the British Heart Foundation to engage African and Caribbean communities.
Current commissions, collaborations, and partnership working also include: Bright Ideas Nottingham, 97.5 Kemet FM, BME Cancer Communities, NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group, Self-Help Nottingham, Equation - formally Nottingham Domestic Violence Forum. Lisa is also the director of mon0lisa Productions, a bespoke portfolio creative industries business that works cross-sector and employs artistic practices for campaigning, engaging, entertaining, and educating diverse audiences.
Twitter: @mon0lisa


Shane Solanki

Writer, London
Shane Solanki is an artist working with spoken word, music, performance and film. Mercurial in nature, his career has seen him collaborate with some of the UK's most innovative artists and producers. Shane's first music release was produced by Mercury Prize winner Talvin Singh, and his words were first published through cult independent record label Ninja Tune. Now recording under the pseudonym Last Mango In Paris, his live shows mix engaging lyrical content with elements of comedy cabaret and an eclectic soundtrack. His solo performance 'Broken English' toured internationally in 2011, including performances across Europe, Africa, Asia and America. His latest show 'Elephant' is a collaboration with artist Hetain Patel, originally commissioned by London's South Bank Centre.
Shane is currently artist-in-residence at East London arts centre Rich Mix. Amongst many projects at Rich Mix, he has recently co-promoted Tongue Fu, where the UK's best spoken word artists improvise with jazz musicians. His first children's book, Superheroines I Have Known And Loved, will be published in 2014. He is currently also writing an anthology, and works as a facilitator in education, community and mindfulness, performing and leading workshops across the country. 


Ben Harriott

Ben Harriott uses photography as a tool to explore the relationship between the physical, emotional and the subconscious. He believes that photographs can signify complex emotions and translate inner visions into tangible realities. Ben uses self-taught traditional and innovative lighting methods to unearth the energy and emotions of that which he photographs. His most recent and on-going body of work explores the chasm of family
identity spanning three cultures: British, Jamaican and Russian.


Feng-Ru Lee

Feng-Ru Lee is a Taiwanese artist based in Nottingham and Taipei. Lee's practice is rooted in her Far-East Asian Cultural background. She has a keen interest in the juxtaposition of eastern and western cultures and systems, often addressing issues of science and mythology. Specifically focusing on human conditions under genetic engineering, Lee
works across a range of different medias often incorporating methods of audience participation and performance. Lee has exhibited throughout the UK, Europe, Taiwan, USA, Middle East and Japan, and in 2000 received the prestigious Taipei Prize.


Shan Bansil

Shan Bansil. Music. Theatre. Spoken Word. Song. Beatbox. Movement. These are the forms through which Shan has been expressing his art over the last two years. Since 2011 he has been involved in three major touring productions both as a deviser and performer. These are 'KATHAKBOX' with Sonia Sabri Company, 'MANDALA' with Sampad South Asian Arts, and 'EAT!' with Black Country Touring and Birmingham REP. Through the ExperiMentor programme Shan will explore storytelling, theatre, live instrumentation, movement and song, to create a brand new stage or site specific performance.



Sidelong is an art collaboration between Jo Dacombe and Laura-Jade Klée that explores the identity of Nottingham's landscape through artistic interventions. On selected Saturdays in September and October, Sidelong present a unique 'art walk' exploring hidden chambers below Nottingham. It invites participants to reimagine the caves through curious art objects, fabricated histories and storytelling.


Lenroy 'Bassie' Guiste

Lenroy 'Bassie' Guiste is a Dub Producer and International Bass Player. Over the last 25 years he has continued to push the boundaries of music by collaborating with some of the biggest names in Roots and Dub music history. He was a member of the legendary British Roots band The Natural Ites & The Realistics and has toured with Macka B & The Royal Roots band, Sanchez, John Holt amongst other well-known artists.


Mia Johnson and Kyle Futers

Kyle Futers is a young actor/writer/deviser from Nottingham. After working intensively with NAE and YARD, Kyle has made the move to taking the world by storm and developing his own work, focusing on telling the story, without merely 'telling the story'. Mia is a young aspiring actor who has a passion for performance poetry. She has performed in many shows over the past few years, majority of which have been with YARD Young Actors Company.


Sooree Pillay

Sooree Pillay is an artist primarily working within the niche of corporal theatre. With a strong foundation in community drama, she later trained at Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre and subsequently at Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre. This residency picks up on some of the motifs discussed by Stuart Hall relating to the possible social, political and artistic interventions that can be made as a result of collaborative work with new and emerging practitioners locally and nationally.



Tether is an artist collective based in Nottingham. Tether instigate events only to destroy them; installations that potentially lead nowhere and produce online video broadcasts around contemporary art. Tether is interested in the accuracy of historical recreations, myths implanted into records and archives, revolutions, the citizens of North Korea and mostly, what would happen if all the questions in the universe get answered.


Cutting Room

January 2013 – March 2013
Digital Artist Collective, Nottingham
The Cutting Room (Clare Harris and Jennifer Ross) is a curatorial organisation who work within the field of digital technology. Through the experiMENTOR programme they will develop creative thinking stimulated by Nottingham Playhouse's production of Kite Runner (April 2013). Their residency will lead to further explorations coinciding with NEAT14 (June-July 2014) resulting in future works.


Dwayne-Antony Simms

January 2013 – March 2013
Visual Artist, Nottingham
Dwayne-Antony Simms is a dance artist and choreographer. His artistic development has taken him through Europe to the United States and Middle East. In 2013 Dwayne will be travelling to Israel to attend an experimental dance residency to develop a new project called 'Roll on the L.LAW'. The R&D phase that follows, will utilise the sound scores and photographs from his pilgrimage, to build this durational piece of work. Dwayne will be using NAE's facilities to develop Roll on the L.LAW.


Jasim Ghafur

January 2013 – March 2013
Visual Artist, Nottingham
Jasim Ghafur is a multi-disciplinary visual artist born in Tawela, Kurdistan Iraq who has been heavily involved in the political art and human right movement in Kurdistan. Through the experiMENTOR programme Jasim will be working in developing a video installation: 'From Streetless City'. The piece is inspired by a modern Iranian poet, Ahmadi Shamlo, and investigates the invisible existence of millions of children who are born into poverty, abuse, social and armed conflict.


First Floor Theatre

September 2012 – December 2012
Performance Artists, Nottingham
First Floor Theatre are a multi-disciplinary theatre company creating original, ground breaking theatre and arts projects. They will be using our spaces to meet, share ideas, rehearse and collaborate with their associate artists. 


Michelle Walsh

September 2012 – December 2012
Photographer, Lincoln
Michelle Walsh is photographer and video installation artist. Her work explores contemporary portraiture at the point where neuroscience intersects with Eastern philosophy. Michelle will be engaging members of our immediate community with her current research, and asking them to sit for a number of photographs and video portraits.


Nottingham Black Archive

September 2012 – December 2012
Community collective, Nottingham
Nottingham Black Archive (NBA) is an organisation dedicated to researching, collecting and preserving black history, heritage and culture in Nottingham. The group has acquired some of the earliest documents relating to the formation of black community organisations in Nottingham. Their research will continue here at NAE.


Sarah Saeed/ Sister Elements

April 2012 – on going
Performance/Live Artist, Manchester
Sister Elements is an artist with a background in Indian Classical Kathak dance and music production. Through the experiMENTOR programme, Sister Elements will be developing the project 'Sufi in the City'. The piece will explore the juxtaposition between a series of conflicting themes: the relationship between natural environments and the industrial city; traditional Kathak, Butoh and Sazuki dance and contemporary performance/choreography; spiritualism and modern British secular society. 


Mervyn Mitchell

January 2012 – March 2012
Photographer, Nottingham

Karl Ohiri

September 2011 – on going
Visual Artist, London
Karl-Stephen (b.1983, Greenwich) documentary based Artist and photographer based in London. Since graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2008 with an MA in Photography & Urban Cultures his artworks have primarily consisted of photographic work that explores the notion of identity, the human condition, and the everyday. His artwork to date is a mixture of conceptual, fine-art documentary image making.


Sayed Hasan

September 2011 – on going
Visual Artist, London
Sayed Hassan is a British born artist living in London and a graduate of MA in Photography and Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths College, 2009. The everyday and art are recurrently inseparable in his work. Photography and video become a means of exploring and responding to personal feelings, circumstances and dilemmas in his life. He continues to develop work which critique's belonging and identity.


Alia Pathan

September 2011 – March 2012
Visual Artist, Nottingham/London
Alia Pathan is an artist working with moving image, audio and performance. Her work investigates how we create a sense of conviction from dialogue and images; particularly how we use language to negotiate meaning through dilemmas, contradictions and paradoxes. She is currently persuing an MA in Visual Arts at Goldsmiths University, London.


Tasawar Bashir

September 2011 – on going
Architect / Data Visualiser / curator / cultural instigator / Visual Artist, Birmingham
Tasawar Bashir's interests lie in film , architecture and music and the exploration of spirituality within art and the art of spirituality. Previously he was head of film programming at Midlands Art Centre and ran his own very successful video art rentals shop, Cinephillia in Moseley, Birmingham. Today as an artistic explorer he is on a journey, searching for enlightenment. Bashir is featuring in the Asian Triennial Manchester (ATM) where he will be accompanied by Brian Duffy. They will capture data from key constellations from the solar system and represent it through 'Sufi' sounds of Qawwali later in September 2011.


Patricia Bueno Delgado

September – December 2011
Performing Artist, Nottingham
Patricia Bueno-Delgado is a Nottingham based professional dancer with international experience teaching and performing in Mexico, Turkey, Spain and the UK. She was part of gypsy dance company Cigani, and guest dancer for gypsy music & dance troupe Egiptanos (Mexico, 2003-2004). Apart from pursuing a Phd in learning in contemporary art museums in Mexico from the University of Nottingham her passion is Belly dancing ever since she had her first lesson.


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