Inspired by Shezad Dawood’s commissioned sculpture for St.Pancras, the Nottingham based WondHERland Collective will create a series of podcasts/sound immersions that respond to Shezad’s artwork. These podcasts can be accessed via QR codes whilst viewing the artwork within St.Pancras, and will also be accessible as people travel to and from the station as ‘before, during and after’ experiences.

The WondHERland Collective will re-imagine Alice In Wonderland, exploring their versions of a modern day Alice within contemporary Wonderlands. Listeners will be invited to think of Shezad’s artwork as a portal – a looking glass in the mould of Alice Liddell’s adventures – through which they can access different places, times, concepts and experiences. We will present St Pancras station as a labyrinth of portals, facilitating our passage across boundaries, and connecting us to others. We will invite them to muse on what it means to be “transported”; whether through a fairy tale, an imagined ride on a spaceship, or the 3.52pm to Clapham Common.

Through regular online session and ‘in person’ intensives, the group will work with the NAE team (Parmjit and Saziso), Jaya Gordon Moore (musician and writer), Tom Harris (sound artist) and Honey Williams (visual artist) to create these sound experiences/immersions.

The podcasts will be completed, in time for the official launch of Shezad’s installation in September 2022.



Born in Cambridge, Jamaican-Irish, JayaHadADream is a female independent rapper, singer and producer. Her music is a merge of thought-provoking, storytelling lyrics with smooth, soulful hip-hop beats. Reaching new heights with her articulate cadence and melodic sound, she has performed across the UK and worked with artists worldwide. Additionally, Jaya uses her academic work in social sciences alongside her passion in music to create and facilitate community arts projects.

Shezad Dawood has commissioned Jaya Gordon Moore to create a bespoke music track which will be part of the soundscape within the newly commisioned St Pancras artwork.

Instagram: @jayahadadream | Facebook: Jayahadadream | Twitter: @JayaHadAdream | Snapchat, Tik Tok, Youtube: JayaHadADream



KAP is a singer-songwriter, producer, sound engineer, musician, dancer and actress born and bred in Nottingham. Coming from a musical family, she has always been fascinated with music and performing. In 2018, she began travelling around the UK and Spain singing at events; leading her to discover her passion for songwriting and recording.

Spending time between Nottingham and Bristol, she developed and wrote songs for other artists before releasing her first single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, alongside playful visuals (shot, directed and edited by Walkmans Studio), receiving support from BBC Introducing East Midlands and local stations in Nottingham and Bristol. Working as a Site Manager at Pirate Studios, Event Co-ordinator at Acoustickle and recording at Deeper Than Roots Studios, KAP is a musical polymath.

Instagram: @itskapkap | Facebook: @officialkapmusic | Twitter : @itskapkap



Madeeha is a music and performance artist splitting her time between Nottingham and London.

Growing up in theatre school and performing arts classes fuelled her love of performance and creative arts, as well as performing around the world for many years with the International Voices of Enfield Youth Choir. Madeeha takes much inspiration from her classical background in her song writing practice, but also challenges expectations with her proficiency in exotic pole dance and dynamic aerial hoop.”

Instagram: @madeehauk | Facebook: Madeeha Kamall



My name Is Kairel Victoria Mcleary-Barnes

I go by Kairel Victoria. I was born and raised in Nottingham, I’m a budding artist/ poet and I’m also the creator of Everyone Loves a Bit of Chocolate on YouTube, a podcast focussing on showcasing BAME women especially. My interests include all things art and all things spiritual. You can find me on Instagram and YouTube at kairelvictoria and if you want to be a guest on my podcast just email me at [email protected]

Instagram: kairelvictoria | Youtube: kairelvictoria



Known for her child-like personality and creativity, Rachael Davina stands out as a UK Christian artist, former sound installation artist, and multifaceted creative from Nottingham. Her sound distinguishes her from the rest with an eclectic nature using mixed elements including RnB, Neo-soul, harmonies and experimental sounds.

Her work is generally cathartic giving a very raw perspective on the everyday challenges and problems of life.

Despite her content coming from a Christian perspective, Rachael lies in hope that others will be able to relate, learn, and grow with the content she produces.

Instagram: @itsrachaeldavina_  | Facebook: Rachael Davina Miller | Twitter: @RachaelDavina


Photos from the WonderHERland Collective trip to St Pancras in May 2022.