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1 Jan, 1970 at 12:00 am - 8 Oct, 2021 at 12:00 am

Come and join Nottingham-born award-winning music artist Freddie Kofi as he presents the premiere of ‘Sing’; a live music experience crafted from the sonic threads of Kofi’s inspirational gospel, folk and acoustic soul roots.

Freddie Kofi introduces the premier of his new touring solo-acoustic set titled, ‘Sing’. The Ivors Academy winner and MOBO Nominee will be performing new songs crafted during the difficult season of the past eighteen months. Looking through a retrospective lens of the past year and a half, going into and coming out of lockdown and the global impact of racial injustice, ‘Sing’ offers a fresh and more personal perspective of ‘what does the future look like?’ With inspiration drawn from his gospel, folk and acoustic soul roots, Freddie aims to capture the audience’s experience in the narrative of the songs.

Freddie Kofi’s ‘Sing’ will be presented in the occasion of Black History Month. Freddie states: “With ‘Sing’, I really felt inspired to go back to my roots as a singer songwriter, just me and my acoustic guitar, with a sense of calling and responsibility to reflect the times we are in.” It is well documented that BHM can often find itself unwittingly narrating a sensationalised version of history ‘“ activism, marches and uprisings ‘“ when the reality is there is always a high cost to lasting change. ‘Sing’ aims to remind us of the past whilst bringing attention to our fight today: pandemic, lockdown, racial injustice, mental health, and financial impact on individuals, families, and communities. ‘Sing’ is a live music experience where the listener is invited to find their voice through the stories of Freddie’s inspired songs; songs of hope and resilience designed to bring people together on this journey.

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” ‘“ César A. Cruz

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