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Funding Conference: Demystifying Fundraising for Artists and Creatives

1 Jan, 1970 at 12:00 am - 15 Oct, 2019 at 12:00 am

10:00am Introduction:

Aim of the day €“ To empower artist and creatives by demystifying fundraising and opening up new possibilities for the funding of their work.

Session 1) 10:15am – 11:00am Case for Support

Most of the hard work in fundraising sits unseen, at the base of an iceberg with just the top showing above the water, the foundation of success is your case for support. We’ll look at what this looks like for individual artists and creatives and how to begin to develop your own case for support.

Exercise: Timed writing case for support

Session 2) 11:15am €“ 12:30pm Strategy and Fundraising

There are many different ways to bring in income from fundraising; using digital tools, to asking for grants to approaching corporates and individual donors. You’ll find it easier if you pick methods of fundraising that suit your strategy as an artist or creative. We’ll look at how to develop your strategy and form the tactics that might be best suited to you.

Exercise: Making a start on strategy €“ the hedgehog principle and fundraising

Lunch 12:30pm €“ 1:30pm

Session 3) 1:30pm €“ 2:45pm Grants and Collaboration

Approaching Trusts and Foundations, Local Authorities, Arts Council and working collaboratively are all tried and tested methods of raising funds for artists and creatives that you may wish to explore. In this session we’ll look in depth at some of the opportunities available to you and hear from some people talk about the positive results they have had.

Proposed speaker: Ishi Khan €“ comedian and recipient of Arts Council England’s ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ award.

Proposed speaker: Nastassja Simensky €“ contemporary artists and in receipt of several grants from trusts and foundations for residencies and projects, specifically talking about non-Arts Council England Fundraising.

Case Study: Haarlem Artspace and Growing Lives OR Haarlem Artspace and Growing Me

Exercise: Plan your project sheet

Session 4) 3:00pm €“ 4:00pm Digital Fundraising

Opportunities to fundraise using digital tools are everywhere now, all slightly different and for use in a myriad of different ways. There is bound to be one that suits your needs. We’ll look at a handful of common and easy to use tools, and hear from folk who have made crowdfunding a success on multiple occasions.

Speaker: Gavin Munro, Full Grown €“ multiple successes with crowdfunding campaigns to fund his contemporary furniture farm business

Case study: Lulastic and the Hippyshake, mother, activist, writer, blogger and vlogger

Case study: The Life Boat Station Project, photographer funding a lifestyle business

Exercise: Plan your own crowdfunding campaign!

Session 5) 4:00pm €“ 4:00pm Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy can be very rewarding for the right kind of person. If you love building relationships and working in partnership this could be a very real option for you. Well get to grips with what corporates really want from creatives and hear from some people who have built are are beginning to build relationships.

Speaker (via pre-recorded film): Jiten Anand, Inspirate, talking about success with Sony and others for Inspirate’s festivals.

Case study: Anna Mawby, glass artists approach to Soda Stream.

Exercise: What could Anna do next? What does that make you think about your own work?

4:30pm Wrap up & close



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