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25 Sep, 2015 at 12:00 am - 30 Sep, 2015 at 12:00 am

New Art Exchange’s CEO, Skinder Hundal, is one of several international curators for ‘Just Another Photo Festival’, New Delhi, India / 25th – 30th September 2015. NAE has enabled five lens-based artists the opportunity to exhibit within Delhi’s public spaces.

The artists include photographer Ben Harriot, whose work explores cultural identity and the relationship between the physical, emotional and the subconscious capturing the hidden moments within a Caribbean Barber shop. Kajal Patel uses film, photography and storytelling to learn about and engage with important social issues exploring Asian women at work. Karl Ohiri, an artist and photographer merging conceptual art and documentary image making, and shares an intimate collection of partially destroyed photographs that share the breakdown of his mother’s relationship with her ex-husband. Documentary photographer, Mahtab Hussain, who exhibited ‘The Commonality of Strangers’ at NAE in 2014 features a selection of images from this major solo show to represent how migrant communities find a sense of place, and Sayed Hasan who uses photography and video to question the accepted norms of culture and society, documenting his personal experiences to a public presents ‘Form’ where he playfully engages the public to explore the bureaucratic box where we are increasingly asked to label and categorise ourselves.