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Off Centre

27 Oct, 2018 at 12:00 am - 6 Jan, 2019 at 12:00 am

Nottingham’s first independent photo festival, celebrating local talent, will take place across the city from 27 October. See a selection of work from Off Centre displayed in our Central Gallery stairwell space, accompanied by a series of photography-based workshops hosted by Real Creative Futures.

Off Centre has been organised by Nottingham Photo Social and has been sponsored by Real Creative Futures, The Big House, the Royal Photographical Society and local charities and galleries.

Upcoming Off Centre events

Starting a Photo Project with Daniel T Wheeler
Saturday 3 November, 9am – 9.40am
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DW
Come along to this talk to hear about how Dan finds and approaches new work and whether you even need to be inspired in the first place.

Developing your Photography Project with Jagdish Patel
Saturday 3 November, 10am – 10.40am
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DW
Jagdish Patel will talk through how to develop your photography project into something more.

Don’t Stop Taking Photos with Jake Howe

Saturday 3 November, 11am – 11.40am
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DW
Jake will be talking about how creativity and obsession can help you find the motivation to get out and take photos, whether you have fallen out with photography all together, or just feel like you should be doing better.

Skate Board Photography Taster Workshop

Saturday 3 November, 1pm – 2pm
Sneinton Market, NG1 1DW
Ran with our friends from Skate Nottingham, this is a great opportunity for anyone who currently skates, is getting into photography and generally wants to find out a little about how the two come together.

An Introduction to Editing and Sequencing Photography
Saturday 3 November, 3pm – 4pm
New Art Exchange, NG7 6BE
Photographers will bring along up to 40 small (about 5x7inch) printed photos from a single project, aesthetic or particular type of photography.
You will spend the day not only sequencing this work, but learning how to go away and continue to do so for yourself.
This workshop will run again next weekend, Saturday 10 November, at The Photo Parlour, Karlsruhe House, NG2 1NB.

Self Initiated Documentary Photography Projects with David Severn

Saturday 3 November, 3pm – 4pm
New Art Exchange, NG7 6BE
David Severn will do a talk about how you can produce documentary photography off your own back.

Street Photography Taster Session

Saturday 10 November, 9am – 9.40am
The Photo Parlour, Karlsruhe House, NG2 1NB
This taster workshop gives you a starting point for anyone wanting to try street photography as well as more involved pointers for anyone looking to improve on their street photography.

Introduction to Film Photography
Saturday 10 November, 10am – 11am
The Photo Parlour, Karlsruhe House, NG2 1NB
This informal talk and workshop session is perfect for anyone new to film photography, or want to find out what all the fuss is about.

Get Started with your Film Camera
Saturday 10 November, 11am – 12.30pm
The Photo Parlour, Karlsruhe House, NG2 1NB
This event is for anyone who owns a film camera who wishes they were using it more.

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