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Park(ing) Shame

1 Jan, 1970 at 12:00 am - 26 Jul, 2019 at 12:00 am

PARK(ING) SHAME is a site specific and one day architectural, art and cultural provocation designed by Favara’s Farm Cultural Park and Nottingham’s New Art Exchange to animate the Cappuccini Park on the outskirts of Matera.

On Friday 26 July the collaborators will aim to reinvigorate an under utilised designer park, recently forgotten and currently unkept. Park(ing) Shame’s activities in the park will offer a symbolic catalyst for transformation with creativity, interactive activities and communities at the heart.

From dawn to dusk Park(ing) Shame will engage residents and visitors, offering talks with key note guests, sonic vibrations, poetry, manifestos for positive change and also find time for mass collaborative consciousness exercises.

The occupation of the park reflects on a possible European recipe that can promote the contribution from periphery locations, as centres for the future city and urban space;

The range of activities and interventions that take place, flip the park’s identity with a creative all day and night take over and sculptural transformations via:

_velo pietoso_ by Antonio Guerrieri is a ribbed surface that distorts the reaction between space, light, wind and visitors
offering a magical reconstruction of mediocracy and reality:

_GASH, Game of Shame_ by Analogique Studio and Marco Make is a pneumatic architectural installation, a giant anti-shame pill which challenges gravity and taboos.



8:00 €“ 9:30
Yoga in the park by Pasquale Iacovone (Centro Radici)

Dialogue on peripheries as a resource with Fabio Ciaravella (Architecture of Shame), introduction by Skinder Hundal (New Art Exchange), Andrea Bartoli (FARM Cultural Park) and Rita Orlando (Open Design School Matera)

Nottingham Episode: Skinder Hundal together with Saria Digregorio and Parmjit Sagoo, talk about the challenges of running an international contemporary art space in an urban neighbourhood with diverse communities in a global and fluid context

Favara Episode: Andrea Bartoli introduces Favara. History of a Possible Regeneration, the book published by Nicola Macaione of Spazio Cultura Edizioni in Palermo with photos of Angelo Pitrone who will be present along with the authors of the contributions, Armando Sichenze, Salvatore Ferlita, Giuseppe Maurizio Piscopo, and the special participation of Lillo Giglia

Special Guests Andrea Bartoli interview Marco Rainò (architect and Open Design School guest) and Licio Tamborrino (Officine Tamborrino artistic director)

Flip Factor (open call): Presentations by future generations of creative instigators and thought leaders, designing a new manifesto for a better world, with Cooperativa Primear, Volevo solo aprire un museo, COOLtura on the road, Jona Di Paola, Kiana Tajammol, and more

Across the evening:
Yoga by Parmjit Sagoo
Mobile stage, music and art therapy by COOLtura on the Road
Refreshment featuring local traders
GASH – Game of Shame, inflatable installation by Analogique and Marco Make
Velo pietoso, site specific installation by Antonio Guerrieri