Five Questions With Where It’s Warm

Where It’s Warm tell us a little more about why they decided to collaborate and work together, plus they talk about what they’ve been listening to recently and more…

4UBU music programmers in residence, Where It’s Warm talk about their deep love for music, rest as productivity and choosing the records for the 4UBU listening booth…

Why did you set-up Where It’s Warm?

Where It’s Warm was a space we created over the pandemic, we both have a deep love for music which we’ve integrated within our individual practices, but typically we either work behind the scenes or put music on the back burner to focus on other creative projects. Earlier this year Shekayla was asked to contribute a show to Mimm Radio, and invited me (Lou) to join in, and we’ve just taken it from there. We still have so much to share that moves beyond music, we both produce events too so we’re excited to explore the communities, conversations and connections that can come from the music we love.

What have you learned about working under lockdown?

Lou: Gratitude, rest and reflection is good for me. Working in the arts is really tough to sustain anyway but as most of my avenues for work were cancelled throughout lockdown, I feel a little more resilient as things slowly move into this next phase. I also did that thing many of us did; turning inward to clear out some mental closets and I feel better for it.

Shekayla: I needed to rest, I chose to rest, not always without guilt because of the world we live in. However, lockdown allowed me to put ‘rest is productivity’ into practice. So yeah, I’ve learned to rest better.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Isaiah Rashad – The House is Burning (great production on this album, one for the summer I wish we were having). A Beautiful Chorus – I am everything (for meditation)

Cleo Sol – Rose in the Dark. Beautiful project in its entirety.
Binaural Beats – great for mindful breathing and solid study music.

What can we expect from the 4UBU x Where It’s Warm Presents: Lemonade event?

The 4UBU team asked us to curate the line up for this event which was refreshing considering live music has been in lockdown with us as well. We’ve invited some of our favourite Midlands based Hip Hop artists, specifically to celebrate regional talent who we think represents the culture proudly paired with an amazing artistic craft. Getting to see them perform live will be a rewarding experience and seeing Hip Hop enthusiasts alike gathering to share space is one of the reasons why we love doing what we do.

Find out more and book tickets to the event on Sat 18 Sep here!

How did you go about choosing the selection of records for the 4UBU listening booth?

The records are in line with the ethos of where it’s warm. Literally selecting music that brings us warmth, showcases the coolness and timelessness of the artists chosen and celebrates the joy that music brings us. The selection is on rotation, so as we move through the residency we will be adding more records to the library, hopefully creating the ultimate sound backdrop in the main space for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more about Where It’s Warm.

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