Forwards without Fear…

At New Art Exchange we value our partnerships and union with Europe so naturally the news of a Brexit feels like a backward step.

European partnerships and investment have instigated many partnerships and programmes at NAE. This includes our volunteer secondment programme, European Volunteer Service, and our creative enterprise flagship programme, Real Creative Futures. These programmes have helped create new jobs and businesses, transformed lives and generated long term collaborations, sharing of knowledge, learning and skills. They have also led to significant exchanges such as our twinning with NAE and the Global Quarter of Hyson Green with Farm Cultural Park in Favara, Sicilly, where we are launching Commonality of Strangers, by Mahtab Hussain this weekend on 25 June 2016. Interestingly the show explores the diversity of European immigrant populations and the truthful perceptions of one another. Mahtab’s conclusion… that there are more commonalities than being strangers and we must be honest for positive change. NAE is one of many arts and cultural organisations across the UK that appreciates and relies on Europe for its business model, partnerships and collaborations. Brexit is likely to affect us and we must ensure that we do not lose momentum and the good work delivered to date.

It is difficult to say what lies ahead. NAE, with its commitment to diversity and a free society, recognises the potential future that the referendum result may imply for the UK and Europe as a whole. We stand firmly with all our partners, and will be now considering what this implies in terms of society, the economy and the arts and cultural ecology. We will then assess how to respond in the most beneficial way for all parties.

Skinder Hundal
CEO New Art Exchange


Image credit: Mahtab Hussain

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