Italian Gallery Tour

As part of a multi-lingual gallery tour in Italian, Arabic and Farsi, Saturday 12 December, 12pm

Chi sa dire qual è il segreto dei giamaicani?

If you are looking forward to hearing the secret of Jamaican humor, why do you not come to visit us at NAE? You will be welcomed in a gallery tour in Italian, Arabic and Farsi on the 12th of December, 12pm, to discover two compelling exhibitions about Jamaican identity and culture.

I am Francesca, one of the EVS volunteers, and I will be very delighted to involve you into an historical, vibrant and amusing tour in Italian language.

It will start from the Main Gallery with Michael McMillan’s exhibition in which you will have the opportunity to learn more about Reggae Sound System in Jamaica and Nottingham. Moreover, you will experience many pictures, and an audio-visual installation featuring archive footage from Back in Da Day that created the phenomenon of Sound Systems.

Afterwards, moving into the Mezzanine Gallery, we will show the exhibition Willfred Limonious drawings and illustrations curated by Al ‘Fingers’ Newman. Thanks to this exhibition you will discover typical Jamaican expressions and situations of Jamaican community.

Adesso chi ci saprà dire qual è il segreto dell’irresistibile humor giamaicano?

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