Melting Pot: A Visual Summary

Some images from our Melting Pot Festival

Some images from our Melting Pot Festival.


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Eating Healthy Solutions by Nutritionist Rupert.


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British Heart Foundation.


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Pudding Fingers by artist Rachel Young.


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Mediterranean Cuisine by El Nahas’s Kitchen.


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Vegan Cuisine by Sumac Centre.


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Kathak Dance performance.


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Patty Dumpling and the Smoothie Bike Company


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Your Stories by Hyson’s Green community organizer Farouk Azam.


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Seno-Gambian Cuisine by the Gambian Welfare Society.


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Algerian, Malawi, Nigerian, Mongolian Cuisine by Women’s Cultural Exchange.


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Secret Recipe by Artist Feng-Ru Lee.


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The Bureau of Urban Wilds by Artist Rebecca Beinart.


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Jugalbandi’s performance.

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