NAE’s ExperiMentors successes in 2014

NAE’s ExperiMentors past and present have had some exciting successes in 2014. Here is a list presenting their highlights.

To celebrate the big successes of our current and past ExperiMentors, we have listed some of the highlights below:

Ben Harriot‘s current exhibition at New Art Exchange, Beyond the Barber’s Blade documenting West Indian barbershops of the Hyson Green and Radford Road areas of Nottingham has been received very positively by local audience and press.

Sayed Hasan, has returned from Pakistan after participating in an artist residency program at the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, Pakistan for two months. Sayed Hasan has explored his father’s country through photography, video and site specific installation. His work has also been selected as part of the international photography festival, Format.

Lisa Jackson is developing a new piece of work titled the Tale of Two Women, A compelling play that follows two very different narratives about the same, recently deceased man, Lenford. This will be presented at New Art Exchange on the 27th and 28th of February 2015.

Karl Ohiri has also been selected to showcase his work at the Format international photography festival. He was also a contributor to the Uncertain States talk at The V&A alongside lecturer Paul O’Kane and artists David George that discussed photography as a tool to reflect longingly and critically on one’s past.

Jagdish Patel, launched Patrin, project examining the heritage and cultural traditions of Gypsies and Travellers living in the East Midlands, at House of Common this year. His current projects include Residuals of Racism, a photographic study of racial violence and More than a Month – 52 photographic BAME stories from across the UK featuring Duleep Singh and images of the Shah Jahan mosque, first mosque in the UK.

Roy Pickering, is developing a residency space titled ‘quarry’ in rural Nottinghamshire. He has hosted artists Shehzad Chowdhury, Sooree Pillay and Mohamed Elzohiry to date to help create a distinct methodology and offer through the residency programme.

Sooree Pillay has teamed up with Edward Boot, Artistic Director of Non Such Theatre to deliver a new for theatre platform for regional performers that champions their talent. This launches at NAE on the 17th of December as Bites Live.

Shane Solanki, was successful in getting Arts Council funding to develop a new theatre production titled Superheroines I have known and loved, the work in progress was recently presented at Richmix, London.

Trevor Woolery, is in the final stages of creating his new interactive animation production, titled ‘Forest’ which explores narratives told through interactive digital interfaces in animation. He has developed this project with the support of Arts Council funding and will be showing the final piece next summer at New Art Exchange.

After successfully completing two research based commissions in Nottingham at New Art Exchange and Primary, Rachael Young has been selected as the BBC Performing Arts Fellowship recipient 2015 and will be hosted at MAC, Birmingham.

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