Wellbeing Monthly: Sounds of Lockdown

If lockdown was a rhythm, what would it be? If lockdown was a collection of sounds, what would they be?

If lockdown was a rhythm, what would it be? If lockdown was a collection of sounds, what would they be?

If you could send a message to yourself from the future, what would you say? What does hope mean, or look like, to you?

These questions, and others, were the inspiration behind ‘Sounds of Lockdown’, a creative project which brought together a group of young people aged 16-25, who took part in a series of sessions to write, record and produce a podcast that captured their experiences of lockdown and the events of the last year.

Sounds of Lockdown recognised that lockdown has been a difficult time for young people, with the future seeming unpredictable. This project used creative approaches to support wellbeing, self-expression and staying connected to others during these times of isolation.

The creation of Sounds of Lockdown involved storytelling, sampling, spoken word, rap, poetry, free writing and drawing. Through this experimental and integrated process, the group explored their personal experiences over the last year, within a supportive group environment. The sessions became a space within which the group talked deeply about mental health, politics, identity, Black Lives Matter and resilience. While we looked at the painful truths of lockdown, we also took time to consider what we’ve learnt about ourselves, the positivity in collaboration and what hope means to us.

Working both collectively and individually, each participant wrote music or spoken word pieces that revealed their internal and external ‘worlds’ during this time.

The final podcast is a unique and moving ‘sound journey’ through lockdown. While it’s a very personal insight into the reflections, thoughts and feelings of these young adults, this podcast also resonates with our collective experience of these times, and deeply connects with us all. Listen to the podcast here or below.


The project has been developed as a collaboration between Primary, Fearless Youth Association (FYA), and FMB Radio. The process was facilitated by musician Jaya Gordon-Moore, and creative practitioner Parmjit Sagoo, through online sessions and in person workshops when restrictions allowed.


Jaya Gordon-Moore (stage name JayaHadADream) is a female independent rapper, singer, producer, journalist, podcaster, radio broadcaster, activist and community worker. Finishing her degree in Sociology at the University of Nottingham in 2020, she now works as freelance artist, a creative at Fearless Youth Association and Mojatu Foundation. Jaya strives to incorporate elements of social justice commentary into her music, particularly around Race, Gender, Identity Politics and Wellbeing, maintaining a current yet unique sound.

Parmjit Sagoo

Parmjit Sagoo is a creative practitioner who weaves together drama, story-making, story-telling, creative movement and yoga. Through integrating these practices Parmjit facilitates supportive yet dynamic creative spaces which nurture collaboration and ignite the imagination. Parmjit investigates how these creative processes can become pathways to personal and collective transformation and wellbeing, constantly exploring the potential of the arts and yogic practices to heal, empower and build resilience.

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Created by Parmjit Sagoo, Jaya Gordon-Moore, Craig Hill (Rap name: C.A.S.E), Daud Xiddig and Dom Hubner. Funded by ChalleNGe Nottingham.

Sound production by Alex Rooz https://soundcloud.com/fitzroyrooz

Artwork by Honey Moore honey (@honeysartss)

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