Get Up, Stand Up wins award at Nottinghamshire Heritage Conference & Awards 2016

On 8 June 2016, Get Up, Stand Up a project by Galleries of Justice and New Art Exchange won the Inspiration Award for Best Special Project: at Nottinghamshire Heritage Conference & Awards 2016.

On 8 June 2016, Get Up, Stand Up a project by Galleries of Justice and New Art Exchange won the Inspiration Award for Best Special Project: at Nottinghamshire Heritage Conference & Awards 2016. The awards recognised and rewarded excellence and innovation in museums, historic houses and heritage organisations throughout Nottinghamshire. More than 100 guests attended to celebrate the 26 entries from 15 heritage organisations, both large and small.

Get Up Stand Up! is a site specific, digital audio-visual installation and tour at the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham. This ambitious art installation traverses various spaces including the main court room, gaols, cells and caves. Using digital technologies, the tour articulates and explores representations and interpretations of global civil rights in unexpected ways, as visitors move through the cool, dark corridors submerged in the depths and dungeons of the venue. The narrative explores histories and facts of the past exploring several locations across the globe as context and stimulus: North America, UK, South Africa, India and Burma.

This contemporary art installation challenges visitors to look at the museum space in a new light. It offers a theatrical and poetic journey, responding to the ideas of civil rights pioneers who have challenged oppressive regimes. The installation merges past with present and instigates dream-like flashes through a mystical portrayal of creative writing, music and visuals.


Executive Producers and Artist Directors: New Art Exchange Skinder Hundal (CEO of New Art Exchange), Sooree Pillay (Artistic Director of Get Up Stand Up and YARD)

Commissioners and Venue: Galleries of Justice, Tim Desmond (CEO), Pollie Shorthouse (Executive Director of National Centre for Citizenship and the Law)

Artistic team from New Art Exchange: led by theatre maker and writer Sooree Pillay (Artistic Director, writer), accompanied by Bernhard Schimpelsberger (sound), Karl Ellison (visuals) and Juneau Projects (digital mapping and installation)

Assistant Producer: Josh Pickering

Narrators and actors: YARD theatre, Josh Pickering, Reem Soliman and Sooree Pillay
Consultants: Roger Bromley, Paul Gerhardt

Project support from the EVS Team at NAE: Antonio Guerrieri (lead Installation Architect), Alianelli Immacollata (Installation Architect) and Reem Soliman (Education Pack Coordinator)

Young People Youth Engagement Co-ordinator: Boseda Olawoye

Artist Educator: Sian Watson Taylor

Youth groups and schools: Radford Primary, Forest Fields Primary, Take 1 Studios, YMCA Digital, Chat’Bout, YARD Theatre.

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