Statement in support of Black Lives Matter

New Art Exchange (NAE) stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and works to eradicate racism in society and the arts sector. A statement from our CEO and Board of Trustees.

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NAE Board: L – R: Leslie McDonald, Mahtab Hussain, Ashitey Akomfrah, Rhiannon Jones, Christopher O’Brien, Sophia Ramcharan, Sardul Gill, Jennifer Spencer, Mohan Khera, Meeta Dave. Not pictured Jiten Anand.

New Art Exchange stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and works to eradicate racism in society and the arts sector.

New Art Exchange is a specialist cultural organisation with a mission to ‘Stimulate new perspectives about the value of diversity in art and society.’

New Art Exchange will continue to champion, embrace and engender cultural diversity in all its activities. Based in Hyson Green, Nottingham, we will continue to play a leading and stimulating role, acting locally but thinking globally to ensure cultural diversity in the arts sector resonates more widely across the UK and internationally.

New Art Exchange is committed to informing and promoting the relationship between art and society and will strive to make increasingly visible the contribution of culturally diverse voices to this agenda. Operating as a catalyst, we will continue to encourage debate and use our important role as a critical public space to instigate social and political change through the arts.

In so doing New Art Exchange will amplify and focus its efforts:

– Reaching and engaging culturally diverse young people and communities to support the exchange of skills and knowledge for a more collaborative and conscious community;

– Supporting the artist community through commissioning, programming and development opportunities to explore complex ideas about the world we are in, provoking important dialogues and difficult questions;

– Delivering a rich array of arts and cultural programmes representing diverse voices so our programmes are inclusive, influencing the sector to also respond in partnership;

– Provide clear development opportunities for the emergence of new cultural leaders from non-represented marginal communities;

– Continue to engage local diverse communities and offer clearer pathways into the arts sector and creative industries;

– Ensure under-represented culturally diverse groups are supported and featuring at all levels and areas of our activities;

– Provide support, advocacy and expertise to the arts and cultural sector in its quest to eradicate racism and instil anti-racist practices.

This is a key moment of transformation in the UK and across the world. New Art Exchange will play a leading role in driving and supporting change in the arts and cultural sector. While diversity has always been at the heart of NAE, we recognise there is always more work to be done and must also take time for introspection and review.

From the New Art Exchange Board of Trustees and CEO
Ashitey Akomfrah
Jiten Anand
Meeta Dave
Sardul Gill
Skinder Hundal, CEO (MBE)
Mahtab Hussain
Dr Rhiannon Jones
Mohan Khera
Leslie McDonald (Chair)
Professor Christopher O’Brien (OBE)
Sophia Ramcharan
Jennifer Spencer

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