Exhibiting at NAE

The exhibition programme at New Art Exchange is a curated programme, led by the Director of Programmes and the Creative Team. This means we actively research and select the artists and exhibitions that we feel contribute to the ethos and mission statement of the organisation.

Our exhibitions programme is established up to three years in advance. Whilst the majority of our exhibitions develop from the above mentioned curatorial process, we are however always interested in receiving expressions of interest from individuals for our Mezzainne Gallery and the Central Gallery (the stairwell space). If you who would like to make your practice known to New Art Exchange, or if you have a curated project/exhibition that you like to propose for our space, then we would be pleased to hear from you. All proposals, once completed in full, are reviewed three times a year and feedback is provided.

For information and guidance on how to make an expression of interest please contact [email protected]


A select number of exhibitions per year in the Mezzanine Gallery are dedicated to local and emerging creative talent. Through this space we also present participatory projects and exhibitions we have developed as a result of our work with community. In addition we are interested in working in experimental ways in this space.

The Central Gallery maintains a similar focus to the Mezzanine Gallery, and the context of Hyson Green often provides a starting point for these exhibitions. In addition, the Central Gallery provides an interesting opportunity to work with the windows, natural light and unusual architecture of this transient space.

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