What Are Your Access Requirements?

NAE aims to be accessible for all audiences. You are welcome to call in advance to discuss your access requirements and what NAE can do to make your visit an enjoyable one. A lift is in operation, the building is fitted with induction loops for enhanced sound, we have accessible toilets, and disabled parking is available on request.

New Art Exchange wants to share our passion for the visuals arts and our exhibitions and events with as many people as possible. Our growing access programmes is aimed at engaging diverse audiences with different abilities.

If you have a proposal as to how we could make our exhibitions and events more accessible to you or you group in the future, we would love to hear from you. Please phone on 0115 924 8630 or email [email protected]

Access Statement Accessible Visitor Information (large print PDF)


Text Size

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Alt tags

We are in the process of tagging all of the images on our website descriptions, so that if for any reason you turn off images from your browser, you will see a description in their place.

Semantic HTML and Screen Readers

Our website uses semantic HTML5 coding. This allows screen readers to detect different elements of text that have been tagged with certain titles. For example, ‘Heading’ or ‘Quote’.