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Just because our building is closed doesn't mean the fun has to stop. We are still running our Explore Art Club on Tuesday's 4-6pm, but now online! We have a brilliant new artist, Ismail, leading Explore Art Club and he is busy creating fun and engaging activites for ages 8 to 11.

To book your place, please email ruth@nae.org.uk

Explore Art Club Activities: Tube Trees

Other images > nekwbfkewbfe.png

You will need: toilet rolls, scissors, pencils.

To make 1 tree...

Step 1: Take 3 toilet rolls and cut a 2cm slit into 2 of the tubes

Step 2: Squeeze the end of 1 tube with a slit into the tube without a slit

Step 3: Draw shapes of leaves and branches onto the 3rd tube, above the 2cm slit

Step 4: Cut out the shapes with a pair of scissors to create the top of your tree

Step 5: Squeeze this tube into the top of the other 2 joined tubes

Step 6: Repeat until you have a forest of trees!


Explore Art Club Activities: Cloud collecting

Other images > hrwhrjkwrjewkhtewrwt.jpg

You will need: pens, pencils and paper

Step 1: Find a window with a good view of the sky

Step 2: Choose your favourite cloud

Step 3: Look closely at the cloud for a few minutes and then draw a really quick sketch. Clouds can change quickly so don't worry about details, just sketch the outline super fast. Carry on making these quick sketches until you have a collection

Step 4: When you feel confident, start shading the shadows of the clouds

Step 5: Make an exhibition in your window!


Explore Art Club Activities: Make an Identi-Box

Other images > explore activity 2.jpg

You will need: a small cardboard box, old magazines or newspapers, scissors, and glue

Step 1: Cut out pictures you like from a magazine or newspaper

Step 2: Cover the outside of your box by sticking the pictures on with glue

Step 3: Fill the inside of your box with poems, drawings, precious objects and other small things that are special to you!


Explore Art Club Activities: Create your own sketch book

Other images > DSC_0031.jpg

You will need: A5 envelopes with windows, needle & thread, and help from an adult!

Step 1: Collect A5 envelopes with windows

Step 2: Open them up to A4 size and stack them on top of each other

Step 3: Fold down the middle

Step 4: (With help from an adult) Thread a needle and stitch the pages together down the fold (stitches should be about 2 cms)

Step 5: Fill your sketch book with drawing for example, of fantasy buildings, using all the envelope windows

Happy Drawing!


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