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Just because our building is closed doesn't mean the fun has to stop. We are still running our Explore Art Club on Tuesday's, but now online! Our brilliant Learning Producer and art club leader Ruth is busy creating fun and engaging activites for ages 8 to 11.

Explore Art Club #4: Tube Trees

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You will need: toilet rolls, scissors, pencils.

To make 1 tree...

Step 1: Take 3 toilet rolls and cut a 2cm slit into 2 of the tubes

Step 2: Squeeze the end of 1 tube with a slit into the tube without a slit

Step 3: Draw shapes of leaves and branches onto the 3rd tube, above the 2cm slit

Step 4: Cut out the shapes with a pair of scissors to create the top of your tree

Step 5: Squeeze this tube into the top of the other 2 joined tubes

Step 6: Repeat until you have a forest of trees!


Explore Art Club #3: Cloud collecting

Other images > hrwhrjkwrjewkhtewrwt.jpg

You will need: pens, pencils and paper

Step 1: Find a window with a good view of the sky

Step 2: Choose your favourite cloud

Step 3: Look closely at the cloud for a few minutes and then draw a really quick sketch. Clouds can change quickly so don't worry about details, just sketch the outline super fast. Carry on making these quick sketches until you have a collection

Step 4: When you feel confident, start shading the shadows of the clouds

Step 5: Make an exhibition in your window!


Explore Art Club #2: Make an Identi-Box

Other images > explore activity 2.jpg

You will need: a small cardboard box, old magazines or newspapers, scissors, and glue

Step 1: Cut out pictures you like from a magazine or newspaper

Step 2: Cover the outside of your box by sticking the pictures on with glue

Step 3: Fill the inside of your box with poems, drawings, precious objects and other small things that are special to you!


Explore Art Club #1: Create your own sketch book

Other images > DSC_0031.jpg

You will need: A5 envelopes with windows, needle & thread, and help from an adult!

Step 1: Collect A5 envelopes with windows

Step 2: Open them up to A4 size and stack them on top of each other

Step 3: Fold down the middle

Step 4: (With help from an adult) Thread a needle and stitch the pages together down the fold (stitches should be about 2 cms)

Step 5: Fill your sketch book with drawing for example, of fantasy buildings, using all the envelope windows

Happy Drawing!


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