What Would I Be Without Everybody? By Jah Digga

A song and video in response to the themes of this programme, written by Nottingham artist Jah Digga, with the video shot in the Nottingham suburb of St Anns by filmmaker Jamal Sterrett. Jah Digga’s lyrics explore the essence of community, themes of collective care and our responsibility to one another. The song also emphasises respecting the wisdom of elders and encouraging strong bonds with those around us.

Sterrett’s accompanying video complements the song’s message. Focusing on intergenerational support, it shows two young people approaching an elderly lady, offering to carry her shopping bags and walk her home. This symbolic act of ‘sharing the load’ is both literal and metaphorical, and underscores the vital importance of standing together during difficult moments.

The song and video has been commissioned by New Art Exchange with funds from Arts Council England.