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In 2022, New Art Exchange started a series of individual conversations with a collective of incredible cultural organisations in Nottingham to explore how the city can better support Global Ethnic Majority talent and leadership. This was part of a wider set of national activities that NAE is leading to support Global Ethnic Majority leaders who want to play a leadership role in organisations; as Executives, Curators and as Trustees. These city-based conversations resulted in convening 14 major organisations in Nottingham to create ‘Transform, a City Takeover’. 

Here is what they collectively said:

This festival represents a collaborative and transformative endeavour for all participating organisations in Nottingham. Together, we are co-curating a City-Wide Takeover event scheduled for Spring/ Summer 2024. Our collective vision is to celebrate and amplify the leadership, creativity, and stewardship of the Global Ethnic Majority in our city.

For us, this is not just an opportunity; it’s also a shared responsibility. It provides us with a platform to programme progressive artistic activities that challenge conventional narratives.

As partners, colleagues, and allies, we are uniting as a city to champion new and diverse voices in Nottingham’s vibrant cultural landscape. We recognise that this partnership is not limited to the Takeover season; it’s about fostering a lasting impact and leaving a legacy that extends beyond 2024.

Ultimately, this City-Wide Takeover positions Nottingham as a dynamic hub for emerging artists and diverse voices within the UK arts scene. Together, we are crafting a city of endless possibilities in the arts, where we indulge in, share, and shape the work of new and underrepresented voices, making Nottingham a beacon of creativity and inclusivity.’


For more information on the events happening across the city, download a digital version of the brochure below:


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For general enquiries about the festival, please contact [email protected] . For specific questions around any of the events listed in this brochure, please contact the hosting venue directly.


To make this festival possible, each organisation is individually supported by key funders and stakeholders who are making their contribution to ‘Transform, a City Takeover’ possible. 

New Art Exchange is especially grateful for Arts Council England and Nottingham City Council’s support that have allowed the organisation to facilitate this process and bring this vision to life.

For further information about all the funders and stakeholders who are supporting the ecology of culture to keep growing in Nottingham, please visit each organisation’s website or get in touch with them individually to find out more.

TRANSFORM, A CITY TAKEOVER Is a collaboration between New Art Exchange and






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