This is our investment in developing leadership within the Global Ethnic Majority.


This phase supports individuals aspiring to become influential leaders as executives, creatives, curators, and trustees. Through our development programs, Transform gives participants the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to take on roles within the arts and reshape its leadership.

This work reflects our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion so that the future of the creative industries is shaped by a broader spectrum of voices and perspectives. 

Key Activities:


Lead: This program allows an Associate Artistic Director to shadow NAE’s current CEO/Artistic Director and work closely with the organisation’s board, staff, and stakeholders. Participants will lead their own season of work – they’ll gain invaluable experience in leadership within the arts sector.

Curate: Aimed at emerging curators from the East Midlands, especially those in Levelling Up Culture & Priority Places. This development program is tailored to the needs of its participants. Offering eight places, the program provides emerging curators with mentors, resources, and platforms to help advance their careers.

Reshaping Governance: This initiative invites practitioners and arts workers from the global ethnic majority who are new to board roles or aspiring to join one. Through a training program, participants will become empowered trustees and will have the knowledge and skills to make impactful contributions to arts organisations.

Transform – Nottingham City Take Over: An invitation to partners and colleagues from cultural organisations in Nottingham to participate in a collective journey. This festival of events and activities celebrates Global Ethnic Majority leadership, creativity and stewardships, fostering a wider conversation on diversity and inclusion in the city.

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