Our Vision

Our vision is for talent from the Global Ethnic Majority to be recognised, nurtured, and celebrated.


We’re here to champion inclusivity and equity in the creative industries. We do this through talent development, delivered through our Connect-Create-Cultivate-Transform-Exchange model.  Together, we want to transform the leadership landscape within the creative industries!


Explore our five pillars below – click on each letter to find out more:


CONNECT: Is the foundational phase, where listening and learning are key. It’s about creating and strengthening relationships, understanding needs related to creativity, well-being, and personal development, and identifying collaborative opportunities. Find out more here

CREATE: Ideas and opportunities identified in the Connect phase are brought to life. Here, we collaborate and co-create, developing talent in the creative industries and within our local community with an emphasis on inclusivity and representation. Find out more here

CULTIVATE: Here we strengthen local talent and grassroots/community organisations. We use expertise and connections from New Art Exchange to support and invest in the growth of local potential. Find out more here

TRANSFORM: This is where we invest in developing leadership within the Global Ethnic Majority. We nurture opportunities for individuals to take on significant roles in the industry as executives, creatives, curators, and trustees. This is how we contribute to reshaping and transforming the landscape of leadership within the creative sectors. Find out more here

EXCHANGE: This is the global extension of New Art Exchange through the creation of international networks of collaborators. Find out more here