Cultivate sets out to sustain and enhance the careers of individuals and organisations from the Global Ethnic Majority within the creative industries.


We use the insights, relationships, and opportunities developed through the Connect and Create phases to support under-represented talent. By linking up with national platforms and partners, Cultivate can fulfil the potential of these individuals and organisations – giving them the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to thrive. This program is about nurturing growth and resilience and ensuring that the talents of these groups are recognised and celebrated on a national scale.

Key Activities:


Cultivate Local: A year-long commitment to supporting a selected Nottingham-based organisation in taking the next step in its strategic development.

National Platforming: By connecting local talent and organisations with national platforms, Cultivate extends the reach and influence of under-represented groups in the creative sectors. This activity includes collaborations, exhibitions, and projects that showcase the unique contributions of these talents on a broader stage – providing them with the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Professional Development and Networking: Offering workshops, seminars, and networking events tailored to the specific needs of under-represented artists and creatives. This part of Cultivate focuses on skills, knowledge sharing, and creating opportunities to make connections within the industry. We make sure participants have access to the resources and networks to support their journey.

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