This is about our approach to talent development within the Global Ethnic Majority.


Here, we lay a solid foundation by establishing and nurturing relationships with individuals and organisations across our target groups. Through a series of activities, we listen and learn, gaining insights into the diverse needs related to creativity, well-being, and personal development.

Our goal is to identify and create collaborative opportunities that resonate with our community members.

Key Activities Include:


Connect Creatives: A dynamic project designed for contemporary visual artists from the global majority. This initiative encourages new connections and strengthens existing ones, offering mentoring, placements, and bursaries to support artists in their professional journey.

Connect Industry: This activity brings together peers from the Global Ethnic Majority to share learnings and build partnerships. It brings mutual growth, where shared experiences and knowledge create new collaborations and innovative projects.

Connect Community: Focused on engaging with local grassroots organisations, we identify themes and ideas that resonate with our communities, leading to projects that are impactful and meaningful. Through coaching and mentoring we support individuals and groups to take active roles in co-shaping our collective future.


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