Our Mission

The New Art Exchange (NAE) is a pioneering creative space in Hyson Green, Nottingham.


We’re the UK’s largest gallery dedicated to contemporary visual arts from the Global Ethnic Majority. We set out to reshape the contemporary art narrative by championing diversity and inclusivity and by providing a platform for underrepresented voices in the art world.


NAE is not just a gallery – you’ll find it a vibrant hub of creativity and culture, actively breaking down barriers to make art accessible and engaging for everyone. We’re all about community connection and transforming ideas into opportunities for artistic and cultural expression. Our focus on co-design and collaboration means we nurture citizen leadership by allowing local voices to guide how we do things. We are the first cultural institution in the world to establish a permanent citizen assembly as a key part of our leadership. This is how we ensure continuous community representation and involvement.

We have an international outlook here at NAE – engaging in global dialogues and collaborations that enrich our programmes and extend our reach. This strengthens our role in the international art community and amplifies our mission of celebrating diversity and connecting different cultures on a global scale.

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