We are excited to launch our new VOICE Assembly!


The first permanent Citizen Assembly worldwide to be part of the core leadership structure of a cultural institution. This is an exciting opportunity for people in our community to connect and contribute to shaping the vision and strategy for the work we deliver in our neighbourhood.

From this week, 12,000 residents in Hyson Green and its surroundings will receive invitation letters to apply to our VOICE Assembly. They will have until the 28th April to register interest. From those who respond, 40 will be selected through a lottery system led by the Sortition Foundation and invited to take part in the assembly. They will share their aspirations and ambitions for our local community so that together, we can shape the future of arts and culture in Hyson Green.


This innovative and progressive leadership model sets out to create a dynamic and interconnected framework that balances strategy with public involvement and operational excellence. It ensures that our local activities are responsive to Hyson Green’s ambitions while being aligned with our mission and goals.

Together with the Executive Team and the Board of Trustees, the VOICE Assembly will form our Three-Pillar Leadership model. This signifies an ongoing, evolving dialogue with our neighbourhood, shaping the future of art and culture in a meaningful, citizen-led manner.

This is the first time worldwide that a cultural institution has integrated a Citizen Assembly as a permanent part of its leadership. This means that our model is in continuous development and is expected to evolve and mature through our engagement with and feedback from the VOICE Assembly. We aim to create a global blueprint that enhances cultural institutions’ relevance, legitimacy, and sustainability by fostering deeper connections and collaborations with the communities and citizens they serve.