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Just because our building is closed doesn't mean the fun has to stop!

We are still running our Explore and OWN Art Clubs, YARD Youth Theatre, and Saturday Art Club, but now online.

OWN Art Club #1: Biodegradable Plant Pots

Other images > _DSC0054.jpg

It's the time of year to start sowing seeds and this method uses no plastic and up-cycled rubbish! You will need: Cardboard tubes, paint, pens, coloured tissue paper and glue, seeds and compost

Step 1: Collect lots of cardboard tubes

Step 2: Decorate your tubes with any materials you have at home. I used paint pens, you could use markers, felt tips, pritt stick and coloured tissue paper, or even make them 3D by cutting and adding other bits of card. Be as creative as you like so they look great on your windowsill for a few weeks.

Step 3: It's tims to sow your seeds. First stuff a little newspaper in the bottom to keep the soil inside, fill with compost, make a small hole and place one seed in each tube.

(If you don't have a bag of compost go scavenging – natural nutrient rich compost gets deposited by worms under pots, logs and rocks – this can be mixed with some regular garden soil with the stony bits sieved out.)

Step 4: Once your baby plant is ready to go outside, plant your pot by placing the whole thing directly into a hole in the ground.

Step 5: Share your work by posting a picture on our social media! Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Explore Art Club #3: Cloud collecting

Other images > hrwhrjkwrjewkhtewrwt.jpg

You will need: pens, pencils and paper

Step 1: Find a window with a good view of the sky

Step 2: Choose your favourite cloud

Step 3: Look closely at the cloud for a few minutes and then draw a really quick sketch. Clouds can change quickly so don't worry about details, just sketch the outline super fast. Carry on making these quick sketches until you have a collection

Step 4: When you feel confident, start shading the shadows of the clouds

Step 5: Make an exhibition in your window!


Saturday Art Club #1 with Susanna: Make your own storybook

Share your storybooks with us on social media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Explore Art Club #2: Make an Identi-Box

Other images > explore activity 2.jpg

You will need: a small cardboard box, old magazines or newspapers, scissors, and glue

Step 1: Cut out pictures you like from a magazine or newspaper

Step 2: Cover the outside of your box by sticking the pictures on with glue

Step 3: Fill the inside of your box with poems, drawings, precious objects and other small things that are special to you!


Saturday Art Club Teaser: Get creative with our colouring in

Other images > NAE_LEARNING DESIGN_V2 (2).jpg

You will need: coloured pencils or pens & a printer

Step 1: Download our colouring in template

Step 2: Print in black & white

Step 3: Get colouring!

Download here


Explore Art Club #1: Create your own sketch book

Other images > DSC_0031.jpg

You will need: A5 envelopes with windows, needle & thread, and help from an adult!

Step 1: Collect A5 envelopes with windows

Step 2: Open them up to A4 size and stack them on top of each other

Step 3: Fold down the middle

Step 4: (With help from an adult) Thread a needle and stitch the pages together down the fold (stitches should be about 2 cms)

Step 5: Fill your sketch book with drawing for example, of fantasy buildings, using all the envelope windows

Happy Drawing!


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