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YARD (Youth Arts Research and Development) is a creative hub for young people (ages 8-16) to develop skills as performers and creative producers.

Our building may be closed due to COVID-19, but the YARD leaders Parmjit and Manya have been busy behind the scenes designing and posting creative packs full of tailor-made challenges to members. Here are some of the challenges from the packs that you can get stuck in to at home.

Creative Challenge #3: Be a performer

This is a great exercise to practice being a versatile performer and using your voice in different ways to create different effects.

Think of a nursery rhyme you know all the words by heart, for example:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again

Now practice performing this nursery rhyme but in different ways:

1. As a news reporter

2. As a beadtime story

3. As an opera

4. As a rock song

5. As a rap or DJ

Remember to use your voice, body and face to bring the style to life. Which was your favourite, and which one did you find the hardest?

Now record a video of you performing your favourite style so we can share it with others and see if they can guess the style. You can share your performance with us either as a video or a series of photos by emailing yard@nae.org.uk.

Creative Challenge #2: Make a story using newspaper faces

1. Collect as many newspapers and magazines from around your hourse as you can and lay them all out on the floor. Get comfy and you could put on some nice background music too if you want.

2. Now go through all the newspapers and magazines and look out for interesting faces that jump out. Carefully cut out 5 or 6 images containing people whose actions, expressions, gestures you are particuarly drawn to. On a piece of big plain paper start to arrange the images and look for a story thar could be being told by the images.

3. Placing the images in a different order might suggest a different story. Think about the emotions within the images and try a few different orders. Once you are happy with the order of the images and have ideas for the story, stick the images in place. Now you can write next to each image what is happening, with details of your story. Remember to make it clear who each characters is. Think about what they might want to day and how they might connect to the other characters.

4. Now you could take either the whole story or an element of it and create a short performance which tells this new story. This could be in the form of a series of freeze frames, a movement piece, or just narrate the story. Perhaps try to recreate some of the images as accurately as you can in your performance, think about facial expressions, body language and voice.

        You can share back with us your performance that you have made either as a video or a series of photos by email to yard@nae.org.uk and look out here we will share all the new stories that have been created.

        Creative Challenge #1: Create your own new planet

        You can create any planet you like. What would your planet be like?

        You can make a planet by using a paper plate. If you don't have one just use paper/card and draw round a pan or plate. Then you can cut it out if you want.

        On one side can you write or draw the following decisions about your new planet?

        • The Planet's Name
        • The Planet's Mission statement or National Anthem
        • Its Core values
        • Its Currency
        • The Method of communication/language
        • Its National dish
        • What people wear or it's dress code

        Now on the other side you can draw your planet's flag and what your planet looks like.

        Send a photo of your planet back to us by email to yard@nae.org.uk and look out here we will share photos of other planets.

        Have a look and see which planet you think your planet would make allies with. Together we can make a whole new solar system of planets and allegiances!

        YARD Online Exhibition

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