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RESIDE is NAE’s residency programme that invites artists and creative groups to take up residency at NAE where they can collaborate and connect with our wider community to generate inspiring ideas, develop new initiatives and nurture their practice.
NAE will be hosting 3 residing artists or creative communities within spaces in our organisation.

Reside is NAE’s platform which supports the development of artists and creative communities with a socially engaged focus within their practice, working with any medium. 

The artists and/or creative communities will have the space, time and resources to use the residency period as a time to explore, connect and co-create current/new work and projects with the support and mentoring of NAE.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Deadline for applications – 6 January 2024 (11:59PM)

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Previous residencies


22 July – 23 September 2023

Sayra Begum i s an illustrator, writer and educator based in Nottingham. Her style is influenced by Islamic miniatures and Surrealism. She is interested in theology, our relationship to the environment, to each other, and the reality that exists beyond our perception. Begum released her debut graphic novel, Mongrel in 2020 (supported by Arts Council England, published by Knockabout). Mongrel was exhibited in the 2022 NAE Open. In 2023 it was published under the title Je suis Métisse by Delcourt. Begum has contributed to the 10 Years to Save the World comic anthology, taken part in the Comics Cultural Exchange Residency in Prague, contributed to the Wild Escape campaign and is currently creating a comic based on the IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)



Sayra has used the residency space to develop new paintings for her new graphic novel and experiment with new materials at a larger scale than she is used to. She also hosted intimate sharing events, and conversations with religious and secular pilgrims, as well as artists who centre their practice around their religious faith in their work. Sayra also had access to mentorship from NAE’s creative team.

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