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24 May, 2022 at 7:30 pm

An edited photograph of a headshot of a man in glasses looking down, his beard is edited to have a galaxy inside it and there are trees and a night sky behind him

What do a beatboxer, a visual artist, an Indian sitar player and a western flute player have in common?

A new performance from Kristin Hammerseth, Jasdeep Degun, Jason Singh and Rehmat Rayatt.

Kristin Hammerseth (flute) is one of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s emerging artists. Jasdeep Degun (sitar) is an award-winning sitarist of the new generation. Jason Singh (beatboxer) describes himself as a composer, beatboxer and sound artist. Rehmat Rayatt (visual artist) is a documentary photographer and

These four innovative artists will share a new piece of work at AFTERGLOW following a five-day residency at New Art Exchange. The residency threads together the sometimes disconnected threads of urban, contemporary and classical genres bringing together something altogether new and distinctive.

The artists have been selected by Darbar (producers of Darbar Festival), Philharmonia Orchestra and New Art Exchange. Immerse yourself in an exciting evening of music and visual art expressions from these different genres.

See a peek of what they’ve been doing in their residency here.

Tickets: £10+

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