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Close the App, Make the Ting by Elijah

6 Jun at 6:00 am - 9:00 pm

Close The App Make The TIng is an exploration of the ideas of Elijah, a London-based writer, DJ, artist manager, and co-founder of the iconic record label Butterz, which he regularly shares in his project the ‘Yellow Squares’ on Instagram. In this lecture, Elijah will cover creating art within your means, using social media as a canvas and challenging industry standards.

The lecture will include a Q&A segment to interrogate these ideas and allow different perspectives to be heard and considered. This session has been delivered across the UK and internationally in India, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Norway, Belgium, and Japan.

About Elijah: Elijah is a creative consultant, lecturer and artist with 15 years of experience in the Independent Music and Arts sector in London. He writes about the industry on Instagram with a project called ‘Yellow Squares’ that explores sustainable creative production, alternative approaches on social media and creating cross-disciplinary work.



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