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17 Feb at 10:00 am - 4 May at 4:00 pm

In a thought-provoking major new exhibition, acclaimed artist Adébayo Bolaji delves deep to explore notions of beauty, question established norms and embrace more inclusive definitions of beauty in his latest showcase, ‘In Praise of Beauty’.

Known for his innovative approach, Bolaji prompts us to ponder the driving forces behind our collective belief in a myth of universal beauty and invites us to reflect on our understanding of beauty, transcending traditional binaries and celebrating the diverse meanings it holds for different communities.

“Ideals of beauty have existed in every culture and era, attaining, and sustaining these qualities sometimes becomes a cult-like status, but what are the driving forces that lead us to believe in a myth of universal beauty, despite its evolving nature?” Says Bolaji.

Philosophers look to define beauty, artists try to capture it, and scientists innovate to achieve it. While these definitions are not universal, our emotional connection to beauty is a shared one.

In Praise of Beauty, as the exhibition title asks, what even is beauty? For Bolaji the role of the artist, is to ask questions and so the title seems to be a declaration, it seems to suggest that he may know what it is.