YOUnity 2023

The final products

YOUnity was a programme of three commissioned community led events by, with and for our neighbourhood in Hyson Green. The events celebrated Black History Month and the 75th anniversary of the Windrush, and we invited you to join us for a vibrant day of creativity and celebration.

Freddie Kofi and The Dream Sixty Choir

We’re ready to share Freddie Kofi and The Dream Sixty Choir’s single which was a product of NAE’s commission through the YOUnity programme.

1963 to 2023. Sixty years on from Dr Martin Luther King’s historic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. What is our dream today? In this Windrush 75 year, The Dream Sixty season explored how to answer this question through new music releases, podcasts, and live performance from the amazing Dream Sixty Choir.

After the performance we are delighted the share the single below!

Nathaniel Coltrane Wilson

and collaborator Philth

Nathaniel and his creative collaborator Philth paid homage to the Windrush Generation by developing a Street Art Mural which celebrates sound system culture, and the positive impact immigration has had on our country. Nottingham Soundsystem culture was prominent in Hyson Green, and this vibrant culture brought together people from diverse backgrounds, and had a profound impact on the community, shaping the way people view music and dance. Thank you to those that launched the mural with us and celebrated this important history, and the vibrancy of Hyson Green today.


Windrush 75: Stories from Nottingham

LeftLion and New Art Exchange have been collaborating on a project to document and publish the stories of people from Nottingham who were part of the Windrush generation.

This event was the official premiere of a new series of short films created as part of this project, all filmed at the New Art Exchange during August and September. The films will be introduced by the Director Curtis Powell and many of the interviewees will be our special guests at this event.

You will also be able to read written versions of the interviews in this months issue of LeftLion magazine and online at here

Following the event we’re proud to release the films below.

Bettina Wallace

Nigel Best

Catherine Ross

Donna Humphrey 

Richard Douglas