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1 Jan, 1970 at 12:00 am - 18 Nov, 2021 at 12:00 am

The films selected for this Cut & Mix screening respond to the exhibition’s overarching theme of nuances of Black British masculinities we see in everyday life.

Each film is intended to draw us closer to understanding that there is a range of Black identities, expressions and experiences, beyond those that are at times reduced to stereotypes based on binary constructs of race, gender and sexuality.

Each film is a celebration of the variations of Black British masculine identities, whilst the experimental approach of the filmmakers allows for rich and deep insight into the emotional world of Black British masculinities.

The screening will be introduced by film programmer, filmmaker, writer, critic and broadcaster Adam Murray.

This event is online and will be streamed on NAE’s YouTube channel. Booking is required so we can send you the streaming link.

Running order
Chainmail 1 by Amartey Golding (15:32min)
Coat, Swing, Snow by Samiir Saunders (6:01min)
Black Boys Don’t Cry by IGGY LDN (3:51min)
Chainmail 2 by Amartey Golding (16:05min)
Figure by Lanre Malalou (6:05min)
Blk Boy Flight (Me & My Cousin) by Nadeem Din-Gabisi (5:02min)
Chainmail 3 by Amartey Golding (17:15min)

About the films
Amartey Golding’s Chainmail 1, uses the sensationalistic portrayal of black males in the British media and rife homophobia as entrance points to explore universal human themes of victimhood and the elusive line between oppressor and oppressed. TW: Please note this film contains homophobic song lyrics which the film attempts to counteract.

Samiir Saunders abstract poetic and jazz-tinged spoken word performances, Swing, Coat and Snow, are reminiscent of the era of the Harlem Renaissance.

Chainmail 2, is a meditation on ideas of freedom and captivity, sacrifice and self-indulgence and the sacredness of suffering. It explores how these ideas manifest within both personal and societal behaviours.

Lanre Malalou’s Figure shot in black and white, is an experimental film about boys growing up without fathers. It explores how early detachment from a father figure affects emotional growth and engagement with the world.

Nadeem Din-Gabisi’s Blk Boy Flight (Me and My Cousin) shot on Super 8 is a joyful and playful insight of what it feels like to be carefree. Chainmail 3 meditates on Golding’s relationship with his brother – an Officer in the British army – and the non-violent and anti-empire philosophies of their Rastafarian upbringing. The film, which uses an anonymous protagonist, reflects on human nature and the point at which the fear of death begins to affect the quality of life and questions how, if at all, this dynamic may be overcome.

Iggy London’s Black Boys Don’t Cry addresses themes of masculinity and vulnerability.

All are welcome

Image Credit: Amartey Golding – Chainmail 1-Still 2016

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