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Joe Drink’s Wine and Gives Themsleves a Haircut by Joe Strickland

19 May, 2023 at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Part of the Elevate Season Launch celebration,Joe Drinks Wine and Gives Themsleves a Haircut (spelling mistake intentional) is a live performance where Joe cuts their hair live on stage along to a pre recorded poetic inner monologue examining the thoughts and feelings of various different people as they reflect on the past few years, the length of time it takes to grow the hair currently on Joe’s head. The poetry inside their head rolls between the topics of modern life, pollution, the internet, childhood, and anything and everything in between, ebbing and flowing in a stream of consciousness style, being heard by the audience as Joe’s inner monologue, around which Joe cuts their hair with scissors and clippers. 

This performance will take place in the Performance Space at the Elevate Season Launch celebration. Entry to the event is included with NAE launch booking.